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About Us

Our Mission

We're a top-tier cleaning service that provides top-tier service! Easyway is where cleaners go to be treated like the true professionals they are.

Our Values

  • Quality Over Quantity
  • Rigorous Honesty
  • Thoughtful Behavior
  • Frequent Communication

Perks of Working with Us

  • Attentive and compassionate management
  • Recognition for your work; we provide bonus pay
  • Flexible schedule - we know work/life balance is critical
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are in the very top of your industry.

There's a reason why so many workers love us...

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Do you provide equipment and supplies? Car?

We provide all equipment you need on the job, as well as training. The only thing we do not provide is a vehicle.

Is this a workplace were employees are rewarded based on performance?

Yes! We have monthly bonuses that go out for every customer that leaves you a positive online review, and we look internally for management material! We are opening new locations over the next 5 years, and always check within our own ranks before opening management positions to the public.

Who do I report to throughout the day?

We have a wonderful office manager that is always available during business hours to help with bookings. If the office manager is temporarily unavailable, the owner is available to help teams!

Do you reimburse for mileage?

Yes, we pay 58 cents for every mile driven in between cleaning jobs (we also pay the same hourly rate for drive time). This does not include your commute to and from work.

Who do I work with?

You'll work with the cleaning partner that we assign you that day, although you are welcome to apply alongside someone else. You will most likely clean with all our employees at some point. You will also need to be prepared to clean by yourself if needed, as other cleaners do call in sick from time to time.

Whats the Hiring Process Like?

Step 1: Apply Online

Step 2: Interview

Step 3: Job Offer

Step 4: Background Screening

Step 5: Welcome Aboard

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